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Thunder Bay, ON: In 2022, the Thunder Bay Museum began work with Shout Media ( to develop a digitized photo access and sales platform on their website. The Ontario Trillium Foundation provided funding for this work. This new capacity on the website ( will include the ability for the public to search the descriptions of watermarked photographs and videos to research and learn about the region. The website went live to the public in October 2023 with a selection of high-resolution photographs available for purchase directly through the website at varying price levels. Requests for high-resolution versions of the timestamped videos shall be facilitated by an online form, also at varying license and price levels. The Museum will be regularly uploading additional material as volunteers and future grant-funded projects continue the digitizing work.

“This is a major improvement for accessibility to the Museum’s archival collections for researchers and the public,” said Scott Bradley, the Museum's Executive Director. “A large portion of currently digitized material can be accessed from anywhere in the world and much of the research into what the Museum has can be accessed without staff assistance saving everyone involved that most important resource, time. We are grateful to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for their support that allows The Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society to better deliver on its mandate to preserve and interpret the history of Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario.”

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