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Enjoy tthe Barry Gough Podcast Series.

Upcoming Events

Heraldry of the RCAF

by Charles Robertson Maier, CD, PhD, FRHSC Former Athabaska Herald of the Canadian Heraldic Authority

Saturday, 13 July 2024 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

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History with Historians

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August 9th, 2021
A conversation with Tim Cook regarding Canada's Military History, the subject areas, it's role in todays conversation and how influential it is to all Canadian History.

His new book

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The Canada History Society

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The Canada History Society works with partners and their supporters to encourage and aid in the creation of History projects which promote Canadian History themes and content. We also support efforts which focus on those partners who strive to deliver content to the public and the educational community on an open basis. Our history is our heritage, and The Canada History Society is committed to the popularization and presentation of our past.

We are currently encouraging and supporting partners in the development of the following projects as focal points of our efforts to promote, preserve and protect Canadian history and heritage.

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Latest Comments from Camden in Europe visiting NATO offices.

Canadahistory.com - One of the foremost web sites dedicated to telling the story of the history of Canada from pre-history to modern times. Told through the events of the different periods, historic maps, documents, cultural images and works and various other relevant and important pieces of the heritage story.

britishcolumbiahistory.ca – The website dedicated to British Columbia History is an incredible resource for anyone interested in learning about the province's past. The site provides a comprehensive overview of the different periods of BC's history, including the First Nations' presence, colonialism, and the establishment of the province. Maps and documents from the different eras are also available, providing a unique glimpse into what life was like during each time period. The site also includes an explanation of the politics in the province, including the role of government and the impact of various policies on the province and its people. Whether you're a history buff or simply curious about BC's past, this website is an excellent resource for learning about the province's rich and diverse history.

Aboriginalhistory.ca – Creating and populating the web site with information dedicated to the expansion and presentation of various historical aspects of the history of the aboriginal peoples of our country and their heritage and history.

Navyhistory.ca – Building and posting a web site which covers the expansive history and activities of the Royal Canadian Navy and Naval history in Canada before 1911. This site will consider and examine the development of the writing of military and naval history in Canada which was instrumental in the growth of an entire generation of Canadian historians with the context of the Historical Section in Ottawa.

Militaryhistory.ca - A web site which focuses on the military engagements which Canada participated form the arrival of the Europeans to present times. This project welcomes primary and source material for addition to the current content of the site works to become innovative and pro-active in its delivery of the story of Canadian wars, the participants, and the outcomes of those actions.

The Canada History Society directs funding to these projects for content creation, web site maintenance and expansion. We welcome your support to the society and if you are interested in a specific project - please earmark your attention to it and we will consider adopting the subject for inclusion or development in one of our web sites..

  • To educate and increase the public's appreciation of Canada's history and heritage.
  • To promote educational activities for the enjoyment and general benefit of the public, to promote Canadian heritage and carry out related cultural activities
  • To produce, supply and render educational materials, displays and services to the public in print media, and the internet and in partnership with other information delivery options.